here’s your computer desktop for february. add a little color and hugs & kisses with the XOXOX design to these winter days or go with the classic kraft.

february desktopnotes about this months desktop
1. the walls have been painted. it is so much better than the old color. the white is a little grey for me so it might be painted again, but it should only take one coat.
2. the buffalo painting is back up. it’s one of my favorite things. first, it was painted by my niece from a photo from my trip out west last fall. second, it’s a buffalo.
3. the feel inspired jar was a gift from my nieces. there are some good quotes in there plus some fun memories.
4. the smile mug makes me happy – not because it has a smiley face on it – but because it was one of the two mugs i made my grandma coffee in everyday. she was very specific – instant, decaffeinated, and half full of sugar and milk.
5. have you seen the XOXOX pencils that are now available? they make a fun valentine’s day gift.
6. right now one of my big projects is working on the new collection of goods that will be ready in may. the first step is to go over what was popular and not so popular last year. then comes lots of sketching and lists.
7 the are some new reporter notebooks in the shop. i use the shopping list ones along with the any list app for grocery shopping.

2555 x 1486
1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080
1900 x 1280
1680 x 1050

these foil stamped glassine bags are a simple and sweet way to spread a little cheer to all those you love this valentine’s day. fill them with candy, homemade goodies, stickers and other tiny gifts.

use heart and arrow cookie cutters with sugar cookies and tuck them inside the bags. with the adorable packaging you don’t even need to decorate them.

glassine-bags-valentines-silver-heart glassine-bags-valentines-pretzels
my favorite filling is chocolate covered pretzels. they take minutes to make, but look impressive. put some pretzels on top of wax paper, with a spoon drizzle some melted chocolate over the pretzels and let the chocolate set. for a special touch add some valentine sprinkles on top. i picked up these adorable wilton xo sprinkles from a local store.
what will you fill your treat bags with?


since 2008 i have been designing pattern calendars. it took a few years, but i now have a process of how they are designed. here’s a little look behind the design.


in the back of my mind i am always thinking about patterns. when i start to work on the calendars i go through notebooks and planners to see what i have been randomly drawing, as well as take a look through my photos on my phone. once i see what i have, i make lots lists of all pattern options. there are a few themes i like to show up each year – ocean/nautical, trees, snow, florals, lines and loops – so i make sure to include them.

once i have an idea what i am looking for. i paint, sketch and digitally draw the pattern elements. then everything is scanned in, cleaned up and turned into repeats.

calendar-behind-design-4 calendar-behind-design-3

after the patterns are created i start to work on color. i will fill up my screen with lots of little blocks of color choices, then narrow it down to about 15 colors. patterns and color options are printed up. then the blocks of paper are mix and matched until i get something i like.


happy 2016! here’s some desktops to help start the new year. hope 2016 is great to you.


some notes about this months desktop:

– i’m excited about using the larger calendar this year. even though i have the month on my computer it is usually covered by 12 different open windows so i never know what day it is. i know the days by shipping days and non-shipping days.
– i really need to paint the walls in this room. it is one of the two rooms in my house that isn’t white and this wall color jacks me up – but apparently not enough yet to actually paint the room. i think this might be the month i break out the tape and paint.
– the stormy pattern is the most popular planner cover choice (as or right now). i’m not sure if it’s the pattern or if it is blue. in the past blue has always been a popular choice. i like it because it’s this year’s interpretation of snow – and snow is my favorite.
– there is a new notebook size in the works. i’m kind of excited about it – small, square, has lots of paper and will have dot and liked paper. the larger notebooks have been in the wholesale catalog for awhile and will be online soon.

2555 x 1486
1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080
1900 x 1280
1680 x 1050

i just checked. thanksgiving is just two and a half weeks away. it doesn’t seem right to me.

here are a few items to make decorating your dinner table easy. the “I’m Thankful for … ” place cards and pocket journals have been a hit for years. the cards work as place cards or if you have more food than table space, buffet markers.

the fork & knife list cards is something i have been using in the kitchen a lot lately. they are perfect for writing down my shopping list and recipes from the computer.

both of the journals make a great gift for your dinner guests or as a way to record your holiday memories.

need a wrap for your journal or silverware? here’s a download of the gold birch wrap shown above.
print it out and cut it up.

inspired by my recent trip out west i created a couple of limited edition boxed notecard sets. the boxes are filled with notecards, a pocket journal and some stickers. at just $7.50 the boxes are great to keep on hand for a last minute gift. i’m a fan of buffalo and moose, so these were fun to put together.

buffaloboxwhile in yellowstone i (unsuccessfully) tried to take a photo of the buffalo set with a buffalo in the background. i was the driver and i’m pretty sure i was in the middle of the road so i had to snap quickly.