every month letter C will be offering an address label of the month. the label might be a new design or a favorite among the bunch, but no matter what they will be available at 20% off regular price. no coupon code necessary – just choose your color, font, add your information and place them in your cart.

shop the april label here. choose the color lime and the labels will be a cheerful addition to your spring mailings.

bonus – make sure you are signed up for the letter C newsletter. you never know when a discount code will be sent out that you can use on top of the already discounted labels!

did you know you can now get personalized heart pencils?

these are great for weddings and showers. they would make fun favors for your guest to bring home with them or to use with shower games. add a date and they would be super cute as your save-the-dates*. i’m thinking they would also be a sweet touch at a baby shower.

*please note that if you do plan on mailing a pencil it would have to be mailed as a package and not a letter.

here’s what has been happing around here:
filling orders for customers and stores.

a snow pile + a tray = parking lot sledding.

spending lots of time at the foil stamper.

went up north for a couple of days for a workcation – turns out i’m easily distracted by snow and mountains.

in between orders and snow lots of planning and creating is going on for the national stationery show this may (booth 2267 if your going to be there)

winter is my favorite season and the snow makes it even better.┬áthere is a storm blowing through connecticut right now so i have declared today a snow day for letter C. to celebrate you can save 25% off your order until tomorrow night. just use the coupon code “snowday” during checkout.

on a snow day i work from home (not because i don’t like to drive in the snow, but mostly because i don’t like to clear my car of snow at the end of the day). i don’t work from home often since orders need to get out, so the days i do work at home are a nice change of pace where i plan, draw and work on new products. it also means there is soup on the stove (this is simmering right now) and a lot of looking out the windows (the view is much better than an auto body shop).