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gifts for moms and grads
mother’s day and college graduation is coming up. here’s a few gift ideas to show you care.
– pair address labels and folded notecards to make a cute gift set.
– personalized foil stamped notecards with lined envelopes – pick and choose the colors and patterns to fit any personality.
– notebooks for journaling or planning ahead. personalized or foil stamped.
– a set of thank you cards will come in handy for graduates when they are starting their career.

don’t forget to include a card with your gift:
– show your love for your mom with any of these cards
celebrate your awesome graduate

creative ways to use address labels
address labels are kind of like the gateway drug to letter C design – once someone buys them they come back for more letter C goodies. the labels are useful, inexpensive and with so many options you are likely to find one to suit you.

these little labels are not only great to add an address to envelopes, but since you decide what they say they can serve so many more purposes. here’s a few popular ways people have used them:

gift labels – add these personalized stickers to gifts, envelopes and treats.
book stickers – such a great gift to give to a newborn. you can even create a book themed baby shower.
wine labels – add these to a bottle of wine so people know which wine you brought to the party.
homemade goodies – if you are always whipping up yummy treats in the kitchen for friends a set of these won’t last long.
envelope seals – there are lots of stickers in the shop to use as envelope seals, but it’s lots of fun to create your own.
party favors – add a special touch to your party favors with some cute little stickers.
lunch – make sure your kid doesn’t get hangry by marking their food.
there are so many more uses for address labels besides envelopes

not only do address labels serve so many different purposes, they also make great gifts. here’s just a few reasons to send a set to someone you love:
hostess gift – whether you stayed at someone’s house for a weekend or just went over to dinner sending them a set of personalized labels insures you will be invited back again.
just moved – anyone would appreciate a set of address labels as a gift for their new home … one less thing they have to do.
starting or finishing college – if i had address labels in college i know i would have written home a lot more (but i’m old, email was barely a thing back then).
just because for a far away friend – let a friend who doesn’t live near you know you are thinking about them (also works as a subtle hint you want them to write more)

check out all of the labels here and free gift wrap is available so you can send them directly to your friend. if there is a label design you want but can’t find, let me know. i love to see how you use them – tag lettercdesign on instagram if you want to share.

here’s your computer desktop for march. add a little spring cheer or classic kraft to your computer.

free march desktop background free march desktop background
notes about this month’s desktop
1. a couple of weeks ago i painted an old unloved framed piece of artwork my grandmother used to have. it was headed for the trash so i figured there was nothing to lose. i’m not sure yet what it will become, but for now just the coat of white paint and frame painted black is an approvement.
2. these flowers have been around for over a month. i am pretty sure the key to keeping them alive so long is a cold house.
3. earlier this year i bought a fountain pen and some ink. for writing i use a grey/black mixture, but i love taking the ink and brushing it on paper to title lists and important things.
4. catching up on sending out some thank you notes. these cards are good for anyone.
5. working on some new address labels. a new option is going to be assorted color packs.


2555 x 1486
1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080
1900 x 1280
1680 x 1050


the dining room fixture in my dining room was fine. it worked. but it was dated and not my style. with a little spray paint and some paper i gave the chandelier a little update.
before i did anything, i removed the lightbulbs and glass covers, cleaned the chandelier and taped up the sockets. using tape and paper, i created a tent around the fixture to protect the ceiling and walls.

the chandelier was sprayed with a couple of coats of black spray paint. between coats i worked on the paper lampshades.

i printed a few sheets of my little pine forest pattern with a light grey background. in the spring i’m planning on switching the design with the yellow lemons from this years calendar. they will go great with my yellow countertops.

you don’t have to print your own paper for the shades, though. you can use gift wrap, scrapbook paper or anything else that suits your mood. dining-room-light-diy-accordian
i cut the paper to be about and inch and a half taller than the glass shades and long enough to wrap around the glass cover twice. i scored the paper every 1/2 inch. the paper was then accordion folded.

if the paper you choose doesn’t make it around twice, you can easily use double sided tape to put two lengths together.

to create the shades the ends of the paper were taped together and tiny holes were punched about an inch down from the top on the center of each fold. twine was then fed through each hole. some cute ribbon would add a nice touch here.
after the paint was dry, the final step was to put everything together. the tape was removed and the glass covers and bulbs were put back on. the shades were slipped over the glass covers and the twine was tightened a bit and knotted. the top needs to be a little bit smaller than the bottom so the shades won’t slid off.

i am pretty happy with my new and improved chandelier. and when i get tired of it, i can easily switch out the shades to anything i want.

here’s your computer desktop for february. add a little color and hugs & kisses with the XOXOX design to these winter days or go with the classic kraft.

february desktopnotes about this months desktop
1. the walls have been painted. it is so much better than the old color. the white is a little grey for me so it might be painted again, but it should only take one coat.
2. the buffalo painting is back up. it’s one of my favorite things. first, it was painted by my niece from a photo from my trip out west last fall. second, it’s a buffalo.
3. the feel inspired jar was a gift from my nieces. there are some good quotes in there plus some fun memories.
4. the smile mug makes me happy – not because it has a smiley face on it – but because it was one of the two mugs i made my grandma coffee in everyday. she was very specific – instant, decaffeinated, and half full of sugar and milk.
5. have you seen the XOXOX pencils that are now available? they make a fun valentine’s day gift.
6. right now one of my big projects is working on the new collection of goods that will be ready in may. the first step is to go over what was popular and not so popular last year. then comes lots of sketching and lists.
7 the are some new reporter notebooks in the shop. i use the shopping list ones along with the any list app for grocery shopping.

2555 x 1486
1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080
1900 x 1280
1680 x 1050