5 things to get through House of Cards in a weekend


i have a friend who i talk probably too much about tv with. we have a rotating set of shows that we feel we need to discuss the day after we watch it. last year i got her hooked on House of Cards. the problem is neither of us have the control to watch just one show a day, so it’s not that easy to recap. this year we decided we just have to binge watch the second half of it together – this way we can go over the play by play live.

here’s how we plan on accomplishing it.

1. this sunday has been marked as our binge watch day. we figured we can get through 7, maybe 8 episodes. this means we both have to get through 5 or 6 episodes between friday and saturday. i’ll get through a few today while i make items and package orders and a couple on saturday.

2. the binge watching will be at my house since my friend has a husband and teenager who are going to want stuff from her. i believe a partial white lie might have been told by her about our plans for the day, but whatever works.

3. it will be a day of comfort. yoga pants, fleece, slippers and lots of blankets. the blankets are mostly for my friend since i keep my house at what i am told is an unacceptable temperature. my glasses will be ready for when my contacts become dry from staring at the screen.

4. there will be plenty of coffee to start off the day. the food will be easy prepare ahead food. like veggies & dip and nachos. the nachos are going to be made with salsa i made last fall and is marked in my freezer as “wicked good”. i don’t remember what is so wicked about it, but i have been saving it for something special. i hope my labeling holds up.

5. half way through we are planning a walk around the neighborhood. it’s going to be cold out, but i figure the fresh air, sunlight and movement will do us good.

if you’re planning on the same this weekend, happy viewing.

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