going on an adventure and 20% off for you

almost every year since i started designing calendars there has been a short saying that goes with the year. this saying is usually included in the front of planners, on a pencil or on a postcard sent with orders. for 2015 the saying was “new adventures” and that is something i plan on doing soon.

in about a week i will be heading out west for a road trip. i’ve road tripped out west many years ago when i was in college so this time i plan on visiting some different places. there’s no set itinerary, but a few goals – to see buffalo, mountains and lots of stars. there will be some camping, hiking and exploring.

the shop will remain open, but there will be limited shipping from september 18 to october 4 – mostly planners, calendars, pencils and some stickers. the plan is to ship from the road when ever i have cellular reception and can find a post office.

all this is to say that if you are planning on ordering address labels, personalized notebooks or notecards now is the time to get them. use the code “ADVENTURE” and save 20% off orders of $15 or more. code is valid until september 16.

hope you get go on an adventure sometime soon!

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