welcome 2016 {and january desktop}

happy 2016! here’s some desktops to help start the new year. hope 2016 is great to you.


some notes about this months desktop:

– i’m excited about using the larger calendar this year. even though i have the month on my computer it is usually covered by 12 different open windows so i never know what day it is. i know the days by shipping days and non-shipping days.
– i really need to paint the walls in this room. it is one of the two rooms in my house that isn’t white and this wall color jacks me up – but apparently not enough yet to actually paint the room. i think this might be the month i break out the tape and paint.
– the stormy pattern is the most popular planner cover choice (as or right now). i’m not sure if it’s the pattern or if it is blue. in the past blue has always been a popular choice. i like it because it’s this year’s interpretation of snow – and snow is my favorite.
– there is a new notebook size in the works. i’m kind of excited about it – small, square, has lots of paper and will have dot and liked paper. the larger notebooks have been in the wholesale catalog for awhile and will be online soon.

2555 x 1486
1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080
1900 x 1280
1680 x 1050

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