artwork keepsake notebook

A year or so ago my niece made lots of simple paintings that she hung up in my workroom for an inspiration wall. I loved looking at them everyday, but it was time to take them down. Instead of putting the pieces in a recycle bin or shoving them in a drawer I decided to bind them together into a little book.
kids artwork notebook
The book is supper simple to make (especially if you have access to a binding machine).
– Make sure all of the pages have a straight edge for the binding to go on.
– Decide on a size for the notebook (Mine is about 8.5″ x 5.5″). All of the paper my niece used was from scraps so I had to do a little bit of trimming. Some pages are smaller, but I like the layered look in the book.
– Choose a cover (make sure it’s one of the largest pieces) and cut some chipboard for a back.
– Add holes and binding to make the book. I have a binding machine so I was able to do this myself. If you don’t have one your local office supply store or FedEx office can do this for you. There are some craft binding machines you can get on amazon if you plan on making more books. I haven’t used them, but if I didn’t make notebooks for a living I’m sure I would get one. An alternate binding option is to get binder rings and punch 3 or so holes in the pages and make a loose notebook. They come in plenty of colors and sizes.

Initially the book was curling up a bit so I placed it under some heavy books and overtime it has flattened itself some. There’s still a little curl, but nothing crazy.

Right now the book is in one of the piles on my desk and it’s fun to flip through every now and then. I’m hoping I get the chance to make more books from my niece’s artwork in the future.

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