gifts for moms and grads

gifts for moms and grads
mother’s day and college graduation is coming up. here’s a few gift ideas to show you care.
– pair address labels and folded notecards to make a cute gift set.
– personalized foil stamped notecards with lined envelopes – pick and choose the colors and patterns to fit any personality.
– notebooks for journaling or planning ahead. personalized or foil stamped.
– a set of thank you cards will come in handy for graduates when they are starting their career.

don’t forget to include a card with your gift:
– show your love for your mom with any of these cards
celebrate your awesome graduate

address labels are not just for envelopes

creative ways to use address labels
address labels are kind of like the gateway drug to letter C design – once someone buys them they come back for more letter C goodies. the labels are useful, inexpensive and with so many options you are likely to find one to suit you.

these little labels are not only great to add an address to envelopes, but since you decide what they say they can serve so many more purposes. here’s a few popular ways people have used them:

gift labels – add these personalized stickers to gifts, envelopes and treats.
book stickers – such a great gift to give to a newborn. you can even create a book themed baby shower.
wine labels – add these to a bottle of wine so people know which wine you brought to the party.
homemade goodies – if you are always whipping up yummy treats in the kitchen for friends a set of these won’t last long.
envelope seals – there are lots of stickers in the shop to use as envelope seals, but it’s lots of fun to create your own.
party favors – add a special touch to your party favors with some cute little stickers.
lunch – make sure your kid doesn’t get hangry by marking their food.
there are so many more uses for address labels besides envelopes

not only do address labels serve so many different purposes, they also make great gifts. here’s just a few reasons to send a set to someone you love:
hostess gift – whether you stayed at someone’s house for a weekend or just went over to dinner sending them a set of personalized labels insures you will be invited back again.
just moved – anyone would appreciate a set of address labels as a gift for their new home … one less thing they have to do.
starting or finishing college – if i had address labels in college i know i would have written home a lot more (but i’m old, email was barely a thing back then).
just because for a far away friend – let a friend who doesn’t live near you know you are thinking about them (also works as a subtle hint you want them to write more)

check out all of the labels here and free gift wrap is available so you can send them directly to your friend. if there is a label design you want but can’t find, let me know. i love to see how you use them – tag lettercdesign on instagram if you want to share.

valentine’s day treats

these foil stamped glassine bags are a simple and sweet way to spread a little cheer to all those you love this valentine’s day. fill them with candy, homemade goodies, stickers and other tiny gifts.

use heart and arrow cookie cutters with sugar cookies and tuck them inside the bags. with the adorable packaging you don’t even need to decorate them.

glassine-bags-valentines-silver-heart glassine-bags-valentines-pretzels
my favorite filling is chocolate covered pretzels. they take minutes to make, but look impressive. put some pretzels on top of wax paper, with a spoon drizzle some melted chocolate over the pretzels and let the chocolate set. for a special touch add some valentine sprinkles on top. i picked up these adorable wilton xo sprinkles from a local store.
what will you fill your treat bags with?

give thanks

i just checked. thanksgiving is just two and a half weeks away. it doesn’t seem right to me.

here are a few items to make decorating your dinner table easy. the “I’m Thankful for … ” place cards and pocket journals have been a hit for years. the cards work as place cards or if you have more food than table space, buffet markers.

the fork & knife list cards is something i have been using in the kitchen a lot lately. they are perfect for writing down my shopping list and recipes from the computer.

both of the journals make a great gift for your dinner guests or as a way to record your holiday memories.

need a wrap for your journal or silverware? here’s a download of the gold birch wrap shown above.
print it out and cut it up.

in the wild box sets

inspired by my recent trip out west i created a couple of limited edition boxed notecard sets. the boxes are filled with notecards, a pocket journal and some stickers. at just $7.50 the boxes are great to keep on hand for a last minute gift. i’m a fan of buffalo and moose, so these were fun to put together.

buffaloboxwhile in yellowstone i (unsuccessfully) tried to take a photo of the buffalo set with a buffalo in the background. i was the driver and i’m pretty sure i was in the middle of the road so i had to snap quickly.


going on an adventure and 20% off for you

almost every year since i started designing calendars there has been a short saying that goes with the year. this saying is usually included in the front of planners, on a pencil or on a postcard sent with orders. for 2015 the saying was “new adventures” and that is something i plan on doing soon.

in about a week i will be heading out west for a road trip. i’ve road tripped out west many years ago when i was in college so this time i plan on visiting some different places. there’s no set itinerary, but a few goals – to see buffalo, mountains and lots of stars. there will be some camping, hiking and exploring.

the shop will remain open, but there will be limited shipping from september 18 to october 4 – mostly planners, calendars, pencils and some stickers. the plan is to ship from the road when ever i have cellular reception and can find a post office.

all this is to say that if you are planning on ordering address labels, personalized notebooks or notecards now is the time to get them. use the code “ADVENTURE” and save 20% off orders of $15 or more. code is valid until september 16.

hope you get go on an adventure sometime soon!