after college i did a bunch of camping, including a long road trip to alaska, but since then my camping trips have been few and far apart. after my road trip to yellowstone last year, camping has been on my mind. so i pulled together a bunch of camping themed items in the shop – some new, some old. there’s lots of good stuff to take on a trip (or keep you dreaming about the next one). how cute is that little airstream? i’d love to get one for behind my house.

if you have camp vibes on your mind, use the code “CAMP” during checkout to save 15% off your order. (good until june 27).


happy december. here’s a new desktop for you.

this week i have a new view. my computer and desk is set up on the my huge counter island in what i call the work room. i have taken over the building conference room with my packing station. and all this moving around is so the first room can be set up for the pop-up shop this weekend. it’s a mess right now, but in a couple days the shelves will be stocked, a christmas tree will be hung and it will smell great because of the olga bobbi soap. if you’re near by hopefully you can stop in.

1900 x 1280

1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050

1900 x 1280
1920 x 1080
1680 x 1050


it’s officially summer here. time for hanging out by the pool, going to the beach and lots of casual get togethers. now is the time to freshen up your stationery stash with some new summer paper goods. there’s lots of new items in my shop and some of them are perfect for the long hot days of summer. don’t forget to keep some items on hand for hostess gifts. check out the goods at shoplettercdesign here.

not only do i know it is summer because of the 100 degree weather today, but also because the summer sleep overs and studio help has started.

i had a little trip planned to new york city with one of my sisters and mother. the night before we left my sister decided to surprise her kids and take them along. it’s about a 3 hour train trip so i put together a little travel kit to give them something to do (besides play with my phone or laptop). i didn’t have much time so i grabbed some pocket journals, mini pencils and extra stickers i had in a mistakes box. everything was put in a glassine bag for safe keeping and put the food bag (clementines, cheese, crackers and water).

even in the wind and cold we had a fun trip – especially the girls who brought their dolls to the american doll store (my mom might have enjoyed the store more than they did).


for the past couple of years the cucumbers in my parents garden have been coming in like crazy … so i learned how to pickle. last year it was just bread & butter pickles, but this year i am expanding my pickle horizons. so far along with bread & butter pickles i have made dill pickles and jars and jars of relish.

to keep everything organized i have been using stickers. the mix&match and simply drawn stickers in my shop are the perfect fit for regular canning lids and the large stickers work great with the wide mouth jars.

inspired by the tv show, dc cupcakes my niece wanted to make some cupcakes and top them with ganache. it is the first time i made it. turns out it is super easy to make and only uses two ingredients – chocolate and cream.

here’s how we made it:
• 6 ounces chocolate – chopped up (we used dark chocolate)
• 1 cup heavy cream

in a pan on the stove bring heavy cream to a boil. as soon as it starts to boil take the pan off the heat and stir the chocolate in. keep stirring until all of the chocolate is melted. now you have ganache. we let it sit for a bit to cool off until it was the perfect consistency for dipping the cupcakes.

once the ganache was ready to use, i was shown the proper way to frost cupcakes with the ganache. you simply dip the cupcakes in the frosting, twist a bit and the pull them out. the perfect frosted cupcakes. after letting the cupcakes sit for a bit the ganache firmed up and left a shiny coating.

my little niece stopped by and helped add blue chocolate buttons (and do a little taste testing). she gave the cupcakes the thumbs up.

Yellow used to be my favorite color. Growing up I had yellow walls. But the yellow countertops in my kitchen looked dated and out of place. Turns out the wallpaper was the problem. It was dark blue and had little baskets full of flowers all over it. White paint was the answer (I think it always is).

Underneath the blue wallpaper there was another layer of wallpaper – an orange and gold diamond pattern – and that wallpaper was not going anywhere. On the walls above the counters there was a laminate that had specs of orange and yellow in it. Since the laminate didn’t hold paint and the orange wallpaper was not coming down, new wallpaper seemed like the only option.

Wallpaper is not my favorite thing. It is a hassle to take down and I think allover pattern is a bit too busy, but I found this beadboard wallpaper that works perfectly. It adds texture to cover up the uneven walls and is paintable so if I ever want to change the white it won’t be a problem. To make the yellow countertops look like part of a plan I bought these photos. The countertops now look fresh and brighten up the dark kitchen.

Now if I can just find a way to save the beat up floor.