weekly worktable

here’s what has been happening around the studio the past week or so. school started this week for my nieces and nephew and before the first day they spent some time here with me in the studio.

after creating our own dotted tissue paper my niece made a hanging puff ball to go in her and her sister’s newly decorated purple and green room.

while making the puff ball, my other niece opened up her own stationery store. for $1.50 i was able to get a card and a hand cut letter “c”. (in the past things were free, but i am making sure she is putting value on her time – even if i never get my cut for the supplies). look at that cute packaging – if elementary school doesn’t work out for her maybe there is a place here at letter C.

somewhere along the line i have lovingly been given the nick name aunty chinese food. it seems whenever someone in the family wants some chinese food they come here and we order too much and than gather around the conference room table.

the last two calendars for 2013 were finally finished and now available here.

lots of calendars and other goodies have been shipping out.

five things – sleepover

i think it is officially the summer of sleepovers. since school has been out once or twice a week either one, two or three of my sisters kids are sleeping over. here’s what it takes for a sleepover at this auntie’s house.

one: a tent. this tent is pretty much always set up in my spare room. the tent has travelled all over northern america but is now serving as the sleepover spot of choice for my nieces.

two: itunes. for the girls it is marathon episodes of punky brewster. it was one of my favorite shows as a kid, so i am glad they are enjoying it now. for the boy it is psych – one of my favorite shows now. i’m a good influence on these kids.

three: a snack. usually i don’t have much food in my house, but i am known for making something out of nothing. this time it was leftover cream from my nieces ice cream cake. i whipped it up with a little bit of sugar and crushed in some cookies (also leftover from the cake) and then froze it a bit.

four: cards. when i was a kid my grandmother and i would play cards, so i am glad i am keeping the tradition alive. the middle one and i have a running rummy score going.

five: pancakes. i swear these are the only reason the kids even sleep at my house. this batch had some raspberries and chocolate thrown in since i was out of syrup.

how the little one uses her travel journal


i’m not sure how my sister feels about this, but her girls are very big into party planning. of course i only encourage this behavior and have to ask the important questions – like what is the theme? the colors? what kind of decorations do we have to make? what food will be served?

the little one (shown above) has been hanging out in my studio lately and she has a birthday coming up – 7 years old. yesterday we sat around the conference table with a note pad and had a meeting about the cake (that has been my task since they were born). today when she was in my office she got one of my travel journals and wrote a little plan for her party. on the unlined side she drew her vision (something i’m always asking about) — clearly her plan is to have an ice cream party.