surprise trip to the city

i had a little trip planned to new york city with one of my sisters and mother. the night before we left my sister decided to surprise her kids and take them along. it’s about a 3 hour train trip so i put together a little travel kit to give them something to do (besides play with my phone or laptop). i didn’t have much time so i grabbed some pocket journals, mini pencils and extra stickers i had in a mistakes box. everything was put in a glassine bag for safe keeping and put the food bag (clementines, cheese, crackers and water).

even in the wind and cold we had a fun trip – especially the girls who brought their dolls to the american doll store (my mom might have enjoyed the store more than they did).


One thought on “surprise trip to the city

  1. a very good trip! thank you, auntie, for allowing all of the family to come along. i am a little lagart on the blog posts! next time no irish pub medeteranian food (and the kids will stay with dad!).

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