five steps to a teeny tiny witch hat

my niece is having a birthday party this weekend with her friends and just like her younger sister she is a party planner. this year she is having an orange & purple halloween themed party. for the craft part of the party they will be decorating mini pumpkins. my sister mentioned she was going to look for some mini hats for the pumpkins – but since my niece was sleeping over i said we could just whip some up. we didn’t have time last weekend, but today i went ahead and made some purple hats.

the hardest part of making these was figuring out how to make a cone. after some experimentation i figured they can be made from a quarter of a circle. so here is how to make a tiny witches hat.

one: cut out a circle 8.5″ in diameter and then cut out 4 quarters
two: add some glue to one of the straight sides of a quarter. hold the corner and roll it into a cone. this takes a bit of practice. i stapled the bottom of the cone to hold it into place while the glue dried.
three: make 2.5″ circles (i used a paper punch). inside that circle i used a flower punch for the stem to go through
four: cut little snips on the bottom of the cone and fold up the tabs
five: glue the cone tabs to the circles

now the girls can concentrate on painting and just top their little pumpkin with a hat.

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