weekend preparing & stocking up

this weekend is about getting ready for holiday orders and the holiday show i am doing thanksgiving weekend. i am working on getting my new holiday items online and stocking up on lots of calendars, stickers and other goodies.

the weekend is also about getting ready for hurricane sandy headed our way early next week. who knows how bad it will be, but after last years crazy october winter storm that left us without power for 11 days i thought i would be a little better prepared. i am bringing everything in from outside and stocking up on non-parishable food, batteries, candles and water.
last year i ended up staying in my parents pool house with my sisters, nieces and nephew. the propane stove kept us warm and the generator we had part-time kept the food cold. we played cards, banangrams and cooked meals on the grill in the snow. it was a lot like camping at the beginning, but after about a week we were ready to get back to real life.

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