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here’s a quest blog post from my niece. she came up with this project for a road trip down the east coast she was about to take with her family.

so i am going on vacation and aunt cindy and i were wondering what we could make to do in the car. i thought of a magnetic checker board.

we took some left over heavy chipboard and made squares. i painted them in two different colors and tapped a magnet on the back of them.

we found a metal case that used to hold pencils from when aunt cindy was in collage. we printed out a sticker that was in checker board form and stuck it to the outside of the tin. when your done with the game, you open the case and put the pieces in it.

this game is good for the car and the beach too because when you turn the board over the pieces will not fall. i know a checker board is black and red, but i love to be colorful!

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