punching holes for mini 3-ring binders

binders are one of my favorite organizational tools. regular (letter-size) binders are great for storing paperwork but for everyday i use a mini binder. they are easier to carry around and take up less desk space.

in the past i used a single hole punch to add the holes. i thought about buying a 3-ring punch for mini binders, but then i discovered my 3-ring hole punch has movable dies – money saved and one less thing to keep around.mini_ring_binder_holes_2just take a screwdriver (or a butterknife) and unscrew the screw under the die; slide it to the correct hole and screw it back in. repeat on the other side. mini_ring_binder_holes_3mark a line where the end of the smaller paper should stop so you don’t have to guess each time. punch paper. done.mini_ring_binder_holes_6mini_ring_binder_holes_5

3 thoughts on “punching holes for mini 3-ring binders

  1. I cannot tell you how happy I was to stumble upon this blog post of yours. I also “thought” I needed a special punch for my mini 3 ring folders, but when I saw your post I suddenly realized that my 20 + year old paper punch is also adjustable. Never, ever dawned on me before. Sometimes the answer to our delimmas are right in front of us – all we have to do is look. Thanks a Million !

    1. Yessss!! I searched and saw her blog as well! Thank you so much!! I never thought about this and never knew! Thanks a bunch!

  2. I ended up buying that mini hole puncher by Staples on Amazon, and it is really flimsy and one hole always malfunctions…I see from you picture that I have the EXACT same Swingline puncher, and never thought to adjust it! lol Thanks for opening my eyes. haha

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