behind the design :: pattern wall calendars


since 2008 i have been designing pattern calendars. it took a few years, but i now have a process of how they are designed. here’s a little look behind the design.


in the back of my mind i am always thinking about patterns. when i start to work on the calendars i go through notebooks and planners to see what i have been randomly drawing, as well as take a look through my photos on my phone. once i see what i have, i make lots lists of all pattern options. there are a few themes i like to show up each year – ocean/nautical, trees, snow, florals, lines and loops – so i make sure to include them.

once i have an idea what i am looking for. i paint, sketch and digitally draw the pattern elements. then everything is scanned in, cleaned up and turned into repeats.

calendar-behind-design-4 calendar-behind-design-3

after the patterns are created i start to work on color. i will fill up my screen with lots of little blocks of color choices, then narrow it down to about 15 colors. patterns and color options are printed up. then the blocks of paper are mix and matched until i get something i like.


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