happy march {and a desktop download}

Happy March! Here’s a desktop download for you.

2555 x 1486
2048 x 1366
for phone (vertical without calendar)

2555 x 1486
2048 x 1366

what’s on my desk

Every now and then one of my nieces sends me images of old blog posts and she has been asking me to add something new for awhile. So, at her request here is a what’s on my desk post.

  1. Couple of peg boards cut into mountain shape. We used these for one of my nieces birthdays as a donut wall.
  2. Gnome candle from one of my nieces. It smells so good — I never burn so it will last longer.
  3. Little cut out of my niece who wanted a new blog post. We made this years ago as a school project for her. Sometimes it’s at my desk, sometimes is somewhere in the work room. Since she can’t be here in person it’s fun to have around.
  4. Planners for the year. For the past few years I have been using a weekly planner, but I realize that isn’t what I need right now. This year I am using a monthly planner to mark anything tied to a specific date. I couldn’t decide which planner I wanted to use, so I am starting with two and at some point soon one will become the front runner. Along with the planners I am using a notebook to write down anything that needs to get done.
  5. Wacom tablet and Rollo label printer. I’ve been using a tablet for so long I am not sure I would even be able to use a mouse if I had to.
  6. Assortment of pens and markers currently being used.
  7. Simple sign I painted years ago on a random piece of wood I had handing around. The other side says “work work work”. It’s partly there to cover up cords.

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