snapshops around the studio

spring colors in the form of place cards and handmade boxes.
lots of foil stamping going on – including wedding & perpetual calendars and tags.march4custom illustrated notecards for a member of the letter C gold club & some baptism invites. march5planning, planning and some more planning for new products to debut at the national stationery show.march8
new foil stamp dies.march1
a little sneak peak of new products.march2
piles of boards and bolts in my garage ready to be turned into a booth & painted.

lately around here

my niece and nephew working on some paintings.

why use paper swatches when you can choose from boxes of envelopes?

took a quick (12 hour) road trip to cincinnati for my uncle’s 80th birthday.

made a simple ice cream cake for my sister – cake with pretzel & chocolate toffee ice cream.
making valentines for my nieces.

did a little digging out this weekend after getting 2+ feet of snow.

weekend preparing & stocking up

this weekend is about getting ready for holiday orders and the holiday show i am doing thanksgiving weekend. i am working on getting my new holiday items online and stocking up on lots of calendars, stickers and other goodies.

the weekend is also about getting ready for hurricane sandy headed our way early next week. who knows how bad it will be, but after last years crazy october winter storm that left us without power for 11 days i thought i would be a little better prepared. i am bringing everything in from outside and stocking up on non-parishable food, batteries, candles and water.
last year i ended up staying in my parents pool house with my sisters, nieces and nephew. the propane stove kept us warm and the generator we had part-time kept the food cold. we played cards, banangrams and cooked meals on the grill in the snow. it was a lot like camping at the beginning, but after about a week we were ready to get back to real life.

in the city

today i hopped on a train and headed for new york city. tomorrow i will be at woman’s day magazine’s first annual make it a woman’s day event. so if you are near grand central terminal stop by and visit.

for the last couple of weeks I have been packaging up lots of products while enjoying my new favorite lunch – just veggies with dip. simple and easy. i’ll have some new products available at the event and next week they will be available online.


weekly worktable

here’s what has been happening around the studio the past week or so. school started this week for my nieces and nephew and before the first day they spent some time here with me in the studio.

after creating our own dotted tissue paper my niece made a hanging puff ball to go in her and her sister’s newly decorated purple and green room.

while making the puff ball, my other niece opened up her own stationery store. for $1.50 i was able to get a card and a hand cut letter “c”. (in the past things were free, but i am making sure she is putting value on her time – even if i never get my cut for the supplies). look at that cute packaging – if elementary school doesn’t work out for her maybe there is a place here at letter C.

somewhere along the line i have lovingly been given the nick name aunty chinese food. it seems whenever someone in the family wants some chinese food they come here and we order too much and than gather around the conference room table.

the last two calendars for 2013 were finally finished and now available here.

lots of calendars and other goodies have been shipping out.

weekly worktable

a lot of making has been going on here the last couple of weeks.
here’s a peek at what’s been happening.

the hot stamping machine has been getting lots of use

lots of heart in a jar stickers are being sent out

the arrow design is the new top choice for planners

a little package for a friend in chicago who started a new job

moved cards for another friend and a few sets of address labels ready to ship

and a little birthday gift for my father


working on

i’m in the final stages of my 2013 calendars and planners. i’ve finalized all of the new patterns and colors and now just have to pull everything together. for the first time in 5 years i have included a couple brighter / darker colors. i haven’t decided how i feel about that yet – it’s a big change for me.

last year the academic planners were a big hit. in a couple of weeks i’ll have a limited edition of them available. sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when they are ready.