the easiest christmas tree

this is my favorite purchase from my last trip to IKEA. it’s simply a photo of an evergreen tree printed on fabric. right now i have it hanging (wrinkles and all) in my bedroom. after thanksgiving i plan on moving it into my kitchen / dining room.

i always seem to get a christmas tree a couple of days before christmas (if i even get one at all), so i think this tree is going to be my back up for this year. sure it doesn’t have that fresh tree smell, but it adds a festive touch.

eventually i think i plan on making a winter quilt with the tree. with a little border and a simple backing it will fit perfectly on a bed. there is  some log stack fabric at IKEA (like the real version of my log stack pattern from last years calendar) that i will go back and get to make some coordinating pillows out of.

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