a simple car repair log

my grandma didn’t have much schooling (maybe up to 5th or 6th grade) so she didn’t consider herself book smart, but she was wise, clever and resourceful. i was reminded of this the other day when i was shutting my garage door. she would write on the wall stuff she would want to remember about her car. the last message still there is about her car battery.  (i was also reminded of how stubborn she was by a hole in another wall from when she hit it with her car –  she was definitely driving beyond her time).

there are a lot of little tricks around that house that i am going to start recording before they get lost in time. i’m sure my little niece who had a close bond with her great grandma will appreciate these posts – i know that she is this blog’s #1 fan.

bonus money saving tip – that green paint on garage wall was left over from the front of the house (now in vinyl siding). the same paint is also found in part of the basement. nothing went to waste.

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