dry erase picture frames

my nieces were hanging out with me in my studio today since there was no school. for a little project we came up with these dry erase picture frames – simple to make and tons of fun.
start by taking a photo (these are from my phone and printed on a laser printer – a high quality photo is not need here), cut it to size and place in a simple and inexpensive glass frame.

markers2 markers3

then just draw on them with dry erase markers. add mustaches, silly hair, make up or anything else you can come up with.
wipe the glass with a tissue and start all over again.


markers6my frame – not as fun, but a little more practical.

lately around here

my niece and nephew working on some paintings.

why use paper swatches when you can choose from boxes of envelopes?

took a quick (12 hour) road trip to cincinnati for my uncle’s 80th birthday.

made a simple ice cream cake for my sister – cake with pretzel & chocolate toffee ice cream.
making valentines for my nieces.

did a little digging out this weekend after getting 2+ feet of snow.

the easiest christmas tree

this is my favorite purchase from my last trip to IKEA. it’s simply a photo of an evergreen tree printed on fabric. right now i have it hanging (wrinkles and all) in my bedroom. after thanksgiving i plan on moving it into my kitchen / dining room.

i always seem to get a christmas tree a couple of days before christmas (if i even get one at all), so i think this tree is going to be my back up for this year. sure it doesn’t have that fresh tree smell, but it adds a festive touch.

eventually i think i plan on making a winter quilt with the tree. with a little border and a simple backing it will fit perfectly on a bed. there is  some log stack fabric at IKEA (like the real version of my log stack pattern from last years calendar) that i will go back and get to make some coordinating pillows out of.

weekend preparing & stocking up

this weekend is about getting ready for holiday orders and the holiday show i am doing thanksgiving weekend. i am working on getting my new holiday items online and stocking up on lots of calendars, stickers and other goodies.

the weekend is also about getting ready for hurricane sandy headed our way early next week. who knows how bad it will be, but after last years crazy october winter storm that left us without power for 11 days i thought i would be a little better prepared. i am bringing everything in from outside and stocking up on non-parishable food, batteries, candles and water.
last year i ended up staying in my parents pool house with my sisters, nieces and nephew. the propane stove kept us warm and the generator we had part-time kept the food cold. we played cards, banangrams and cooked meals on the grill in the snow. it was a lot like camping at the beginning, but after about a week we were ready to get back to real life.

back home

the woman’s day event was fun and successful. i met a lot of people, made some sales and my mom took home a bunch of samples – making my suitcase just as heavy going home as it was on the trip down.

no matter how much i try, i am not a city person. i think all of the crowds and the hurried pace is kind of stressful. i get the greatness of it – all the things you can do and see, but when i am there, my favorite places to be are my uncle and aunts condo and taking a walk to central park.

today on my drive to my office to unpack everything i saw a couple of girls walking a dog and twin goats (not sure it there is such a thing as twin goats, but they looked a lot alike). not sure why they were walking goats, but i thought that this is more my pace.

a collaborative art project

when school starts I don’t get to spend too much time with my nieces and nephew, but this weekend the little one slept over. between going to soccer games and making pancakes we made this collaborative art project. it was a fun way to work together and now we both have a print as a reminder of the weekend.

it is simple and easy to do. all you need is some paper, a pencil, paint and google (to help find an animals that start with i and y). she would draw one letter/animal and then i would do the next. after we had all the letters drawn she painted my animals and i painted hers. after everything was created we scanned it in and added the names.

she made sure to sign and date it … she was even nice enough to give me a little credit too.

five things – sleepover

i think it is officially the summer of sleepovers. since school has been out once or twice a week either one, two or three of my sisters kids are sleeping over. here’s what it takes for a sleepover at this auntie’s house.

one: a tent. this tent is pretty much always set up in my spare room. the tent has travelled all over northern america but is now serving as the sleepover spot of choice for my nieces.

two: itunes. for the girls it is marathon episodes of punky brewster. it was one of my favorite shows as a kid, so i am glad they are enjoying it now. for the boy it is psych – one of my favorite shows now. i’m a good influence on these kids.

three: a snack. usually i don’t have much food in my house, but i am known for making something out of nothing. this time it was leftover cream from my nieces ice cream cake. i whipped it up with a little bit of sugar and crushed in some cookies (also leftover from the cake) and then froze it a bit.

four: cards. when i was a kid my grandmother and i would play cards, so i am glad i am keeping the tradition alive. the middle one and i have a running rummy score going.

five: pancakes. i swear these are the only reason the kids even sleep at my house. this batch had some raspberries and chocolate thrown in since i was out of syrup.

five things – road trippen

it has been awhile since i have been on a road trip. lately every now and then when i am driving to work and the top is off my jeep i think about just driving by and going on a mini road trip. you don’t need much on a spur of the moment road trip, but here are the five things i would take with me (along with an iPhone for photos and some sunscreen).

1. a reusable bag for any finds

2. a sigg water bottle

3. sunglasses

4. twist bands to try and keep my hair under control

5. beach hair spray because no matter what i do my hair will get out of control